Best Travel Tropical Locations For Scuba Diving

There are many travel destinations for scuba diving, but none compare to the beautiful and exotic island destinations found in South America. The Galapagos Islands in the South Pacific is well known for their scenic beauty, but they also offer scuba diving tourists a unique chance to see sea life up close. Rich with volcanic activity and home to thousands of unique creatures including unique equine species, the Galapagos Islands are an unforgettable vacation.

Other popular scuba diving locations in South America include Patagonia, which is the world’s largest continent. Home to some of the best scuba diving in the world, Patagonia offers countless opportunities for diving. Divers can enjoy the many wrecks that line the ocean floor, ranging from large, multi-colored fish to giant marine iguanas. If you prefer to stay close to shore, there are plenty of options. There are plenty of hotels in coastal towns that offer accommodations and scuba diving tours. Many islands, such as Grande Island, are only about a day trip away from major cities like San Diego.

In Central America, there are numerous islands in the area that offer scuba diving. Most offer clear water, making it easy to explore on a scuba diving adventure. With vast areas of dense forest, perfect for viewing exotic flora and fauna, Central America also offers plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and other underwater activities. Guayule is one of the best locations in Central America for scuba diving. Home to countless tropical fish and sea life, this island is home to some of the most spectacular coral formations in the world. Scuba diving here is a truly amazing experience.

In the Caribbean, scuba diving is especially popular. The pristine waters of the Caribbean are ideal for snorkeling and other underwater activities, making it a wonderful destination for scuba diving. More than forty percent of the world’s coral is found in the Caribbean, making it one of the most beautiful places to scuba dive. Two to three hundred species of tropical fish can be found in the waters surrounding the Caribbean.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is another popular scuba diving destination. Found off the coast of Queensland, the reef is over two thousand miles long and grows thicker with each passing year. Some of the largest coral structures in the world can be found in the Great Barrier Reef. This coral is a protected reserve, so fishing and other industries are prohibited on the island. Tourists must obtain a diving permit before being able to dive on the reef.

South America is another popular scuba diving destination, home to several tropical islands. There are many islands that offer scuba diving opportunities and most have dive-in packages. This includes snorkeling opportunities right off the ship and the option of diving directly in. In the continent’s central region, you can find the Galapagos Islands, home to some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. You will find the islands have volcanic ash basins and black lava rock, making them breathtaking.

If you like to visit historical and tropical locations, you will enjoy the Costa Rica shoreline. The country is home to several interesting landmarks, including the World Heritage site Churuna. It was here that Christopher Columbus first set foot on the island. Other sites include the Las Trancas, the oldest building in the western Hemisphere, and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Another beach vacation spot is Mano Juan, which is a volcanic island that offer scuba diving, boating, and hiking. Other sites like Corcovado and Caye District, which are home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, are also popular.

No matter where you choose to travel, scuba diving is a wonderful experience. The Caribbean, Hawaii, Galapagos Islands, and Central America offer scuba diving opportunities that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to explore an underwater environment or simply go snorkeling, there is a tropical destination perfect for you. There are plenty of travel companies that offer scuba diving vacations, so finding the right one is easy.