Floral Gift Giving – Six Questions to Ask

As gifts are such an important industry, research has been carried out in recent years on the influence of the various attributes associated with the receivers and givers of gifts on the likelihood of purchasing fresh flowers as presents. The findings from this research are useful in showing the factors that may influence the choice of fresh flowers for gifts at weddings. It is found that recipients at weddings tend to be more generous with their feelings than the average person giving a gift. Thus, a gift that is carefully chosen and well thought out can have a much greater impact than a similar-sized present bought for a different type of occasion. This article discusses findings from previous research on the influence of the bride’s maids’ gifts and bridesmaid gifts received on the bride’s or groom’s spending habits.

As most brides and grooms will be giving flowers to guests at their weddings, it is interesting to see the effect these gifts have on their overall spending patterns. First, it is evident that the bride and groom’s maids spend less than other brides and grooms when purchasing flowers for gifts at weddings. This is likely to reflect the fact that bridesmaids are usually young and inexperienced women and often spend very little money on themselves. They may give old, quality clothes and accessories that look new, which are more costly than giving a gift of flowers. Alternatively, they may choose flowers that cost much less such as lavender, roses, orchids or a variety of gerbera daisies. Alternatively, they may choose cheap silk flowers.

Second, it is clear that flowers bought as gifts at weddings are generally unique. Some research suggests that this aspect has a significant effect on how the recipient chooses a gift. For example, flowers presented in a basket do not tend to be picked up as often as flowers picked by a vase. Similarly, some research indicates that some people prefer to receive a bouquet of flowers rather than a single flower. Again, given that some brides and grooms will give flowers for gifts at their weddings, it seems likely that some will choose a different type of flower for their gift than the one given by a friend or relative.

Third, floral gifts are normally more expensive than other types of gift giving. One reason that this is true is that they are harder to deliver. The delivery of flowers by post is usually quite costly, though online order of floral gifts is rapidly becoming cheaper. Another reason that floral gifts tend to be more expensive than other gifts is that they cannot easily be personalized.

Fourth, the majority of people (at least those who are not aware of the cost) tend to believe that a bouquet of fresh flowers is a better gift than a box of dry flowers. It is true that fresh flowers are much more attractive than dried ones, but cost is an important factor. As we have seen, the costs of flowers for gift giving are driven primarily by one thing the cost of labor. The cost of delivery flowers by post tends to be high, and depending on the number of stems in each bouquet, the labor required can be very large. On the other hand, when a florist creates a fresh flower bouquet, he or she does so without any additional labor cost, and in many cases, there is no delivery cost. In this case, the cost of a gift basket, including labor, does not rise above the cost of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Fifth, even among those who do have the means to purchase fresh flowers for their loved ones, many people are not comfortable with the idea of spending money on something that they know they will only receive once. This is why flower giving has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the Internet, gift giving can take place online, and one can purchase flowers online and have them delivered to a recipient’s door. The Internet also makes it very easy to find someone’s favorite flowers, whether it be from a local flower nursery or online, and with so many online florists available, it is very easy to create an extensive floral gift selection.

Sixth, floral gifts such as baskets make wonderful gifts for several reasons. First, flowers come in such a wide variety of styles and colors that one can easily choose a style that matches the preferences of the recipient. Second, the choices are wide enough to suit anyone’s tastes, from gourmet to floral arrangements. Finally, flowers are beautiful and often evoke feelings of love and tenderness, which is why many people feel that they are a fabulous gift for their loved ones.

So, when you are faced with the challenge of what to buy for your loved ones, consider the six questions listed above. If you want to give a wonderful floral gift, consider buying them flowers. In most cases, they are much less expensive than flowers bought fresh. Plus, if you buy fresh flowers for your family, you can ensure that they receive the same quality of care that you would give to your own mother or sister. So, whether you are buying flowers for someone special in your life or just out of a whim, think about the six questions listed above.